The Top 100 Albums Of All Time (Updated in 2017)

Reply 1967

Bruce rainbow sky, orchestra guitar feedback and immigrant black Jimi Hendrix’s personal universe vision: This is what the UK ran at the end of 1966 and early 1966. Hendrix recorded songs including bassist Noel Reading and drummer Mitch Mitchell in September 1966 arrived early, including his debut within a few weeks – a four and a half year As a record of the most innovative and expressive guitar lock after taking decades. Hendrix ‘s arson set was a historical historical light emitting sum itself in the early 60′ s chitlin circuit shouting Little Richard and Isley Brothers and the amplifier with the exploitation of his melody. However, it was a thermal painting song like “I do not live today” and “Psychedelic Mary”, “Manic Depressive Disorder” that set up psychedelic transcendental promises. Hendricks made soul music in the interior space. “This is an aggregation of freedom and imagination,” he is a feature of the album, “imagination is very important” regarded broadly as an acid journey, there was no “purple haze” What is medicine “I insisted on Hendrix,” “Purple Haze” was all the dream I had, I was walking under the sea. ”
14. The Beatles Abbey Road ”
The Beatles Abbey Road ”

Capitol 1969

“It was a very happy album,” Producer George Martin said, “I think that everyone thought that this would be the end, so it was happy. Abbey Road – in the summer of 1969 in 2 months, was mainly recorded – almost not done at all. In January, the Beatles said that as later as a separate disenchantment and angry one after a miserable session for a save struggle getback LP as it is [as you see No 392] Bee did. I decided to come out with a sense of recapture glory, the group met at EMI Abbey Road Studios for his most sophisticated album: a collection of great songs that breaks at the attention to details, then together I have a conceptual power on the side one (in particular) I met. There was no theme link other than the Beatles’ unique genius. John Lennon is “because” sunrise on exquisite vocal day “(she is so heavy), I want you” It’s made of a metal storm away. Paul McCartney (“You never give me money for you”) (“Oh! Darling”) It’s delicious and bitter when it was perverse, silly (“Maxwell Silver Hammer”). While playing the holiday of business meetings, George Harrison is “something” written in his friend Eric Clapton ‘s “something” and folk pop diamond “Here comes the sun,” Long term secret as a composer having Proof of the value, and Lennon, McCartney and Harrison actually sang more harmony than in the three parts, here the other Beatles album, this is the final of the group Although it was output, let’s try this album was his real farewell.
13. Velvet Underground and Nico, “Velvet Underground”
Velvet Underground and Nico, “Velvet Underground”

Verve 1967

“We were trying to do the minimum amount of instruments and Phil Spector,” John Cale, a classical Velvet Underground forming pianist and violin, stated that it was silly vanity. Many of the things natural to rocks will not exist without this band from the beginning of New York or his semen: Amphibious Equivalent Sequentiality Sequins. Total Punk Black; Grunge and Noises Black Riff of Rocks and Robles Overriding Dark Goss. Literally discreet crowd in studio cheap registration, it is a record of fearless lyric width and depth Singer-songwriter Mr. Lou Reed learns as a songwriter for Pickwick Record Factory Learn with pop wisdom , Desire and addiction, decadence and redemption.Ceil has the pulse power and drones (minimalist composition La Monte Young and his work.) Guitarist Sterling Morrison and drummer Mauryn Tucker, A German singer added to the group by Nico, the manager Andy Warhol brought the boredom of the femininity of the heated ice in the lead song (so designed by Warhol, that Nameless named after the cover) 67 Rejection as emptiness by the crowd loved by Banana album is the most predicted rock album ever made.
12. Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”
Miles ยท Davis “Kind of Blue”

Colombia, 1959

This painting masterpiece is one of the most important albums, most influential and popular jazz. In the case he was done, the kind of blue revolution is all pretty radical deviation for everything that happens. Turning back to the progress of standard contracts, trumpet player Miles Davis used a modal scale as the starting point for c